My name is Kian Xie. I’m a psychic skills teacher, and an advocate for the spiritually gifted.

I mentor people to get to know their unique gifts better, and use them to make a real-world impact.

I’ve played many earthly roles that allow me to teach, support others, and build bridges of understanding: as a performing musician, math professor, youth workforce supervisor, intuitive reader, marketing specialist, and most recently, a corporate healthcare analyst.

I’m out and proud when it comes to my psychic abilities, even when working in “normal” jobs. 

I live my life honestly, courageously, and unapologetically, and in doing so, encourage many others to do the same.


Your Gifts Are Real is, as the name says, focused on reality. In popular culture, we often see psychic gifts as “supernatural”. Avenues to explore our gifts are seen as escapes from the real world. 

So those of us who have these gifts easily fall into thinking that our abilities are nothing more than a fantasy. With Your Gifts Are Real, I want to blow the cover off that false belief. 

In fact, our gifts are real and valid. Not only that, psychic gifts are essential to daily life, and they are key to creating a better world.

At Your Gifts Are Real, we teach and learn psychic skills. It’s important to understand the difference between a gift and a skill. A spiritual gift can not be taught; it’s something that channels through you from a divine, infinite source.

Psychic skills are the processes through which we gain better control of our spiritual gifts and learn to apply them to the real world, in order to create real outcomes.

Psychic skills can allow us to turn our gifts from raw, undefined energy, into a conscious and deliberate craft that enables us to cultivate relationships, build communities, excel at our work, and innovate new solutions to all kinds of problems.

What would you like to accomplish with your gifts?


This is an online community, so our work takes place all over the world.


We meet you at all different points in your journey. Whether you’re just starting to discover your gifts, or have been using them for years, there is a place for you to connect with others, learn new skills, and challenge yourself to grow.


Allow me to get serious here. We have a lot of fun discovering our gifts and learning how to use them. But the real reason I started Your Gifts Are Real comes from taking a long hard look at a big problem that must be solved.

In my teen years, I struggled with having high levels of intuition and empathy, in a world that encouraged becoming desensitized to suffering. As I learned about the true pain of war, hunger, poverty, and sickness here on Earth, I didn’t understand how most people could go about their daily lives, seemingly not caring. I concluded that there was something wrong with me, that I felt and knew too much. I became very depressed.

After many years of fighting with myself, experiencing many toxic relationships and navigating chronic illness, I realized it was time for me to take charge of my life and who I really am. 

Part of that realization was coming to terms with my spiritual gifts: being able to channel, feel others’ emotions, and read truths hidden in unclear situations.

As I grew into my gifts, and found mentors that helped me develop my skills, I was also given many opportunities to pass on what I have learned, and have learned that many people have spiritual, psychic, and emotional gifts. These gifts are as ordinary and as “normal” as it gets.

Too many of us have hidden our gifts from the world, afraid that other people will think we’re crazy. Being sensitive and empathic in a world that encourages disconnection and insensitivity is a formula for isolation, and many of us end up cutting ourselves off from others just to feel safe. We feel at the mercy of the world, and miss out on chances to use our talents to their full potential.

Those times need to end, once and for all. We were never meant to be hidden, powerless, or helpless.

So what if “the world” doesn’t like our gifts? The world does not rule us. We answer to a higher calling!

Our gifts are real, and we are meant to use them to lead the way and create a brighter future.


How do we solve the world’s problems? How do we use our gifts to help others in a real way? The answers are not always simple. But with support, community, and mentorship, doors can be opened, and ways can be made.

Meanwhile, we can develop our skills, and get to know them as real and ordinary aspects of ourselves. In doing this, we no longer have to hide or be afraid, but instead command agency in our lives, actions, and relationships. 

The Your Gifts Are Real Facebook group offers free trainings, discussion, and community – so you never need to feel alone in your experiences.

If you’re looking for a higher level of support in taking full ownership and power in your gifts, and using them to accomplish great things, I encourage you to apply for my 1:1 Psychic Skills Mentorship program.