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Do you find yourself being pulled around by the energy of the world around you, or the intense psychic downloads you receive? 

In this training, we’ll learn how to gain control of your experience – including understanding what it really means to “have control” – so you can direct and decide your own path.

YOU WILL NEED: A rock. (See below)

Grounding and Control are priority skills for anyone who has psychic gifts or feels energy!

Without grounding and control, we easily get overwhelmed by everyday life. Life is complex and complicated, especially when you can feel everyone’s feelings, and are getting messages and downloads thrown at you at random moments.

So what do you do to rein it in and take the lead on your own gifts?

I have a hands-on technique ready to share with you that will help you regain instant control in the moment you feel yourself feeling off course or overwhelmed.

To start, choose a rock of any kind. The only requirements are that it can fit in one hand and you are able to pick it up easily. (So no giant boulders… this time anyway :P)

This can be an ordinary rock from outside, or it can be a crystal or gemstone. No rock is better or worse than any other, but they may have different “energy flavors” to add to this technique.

(The first time I tried this technique, I used a quartz crystal. You can also use “grounding” crystals such as tourmaline. But an ordinary rock also works great!!!)